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Studies show 40%-60% of all household water use is landscape based and of that 50% is wasted due to inefficient irrigation. By using an efficient automated irrigation system you can greatly reduce the amount of water you are wasting and keep your landscape healthy and beautiful. Whether you are looking to have a coverage check done or are in need of repair, we have experienced and certified irrigation professionals that can help you out.


Maintaining your irrigation system is like maintaining your car. If you want it to run right and water efficiently it needs to be serviced a few times a year. Having a professional service your system at least twice a year can greatly improve the efficiency of your system and extend its life by spotting potential problems before they happen. There are 3 times annually when an irrigation system should be checked out, the turn on is probably the most important followed by the turn off followed by the mid summer tune up.


For the irrigation turn-on we will turn on all of the zones of your irrigation system and inspect your sprinklers and other components to ensure everything is operating properly. The irrigation turn costs $120.00 for systems of six zones or less, systems with seven or more zones will be billed at $120.00 an hour plus any parts used. Backflow testing is a separate charge.


The $55.00 turn off includes shutting the water off to the system and draining the mainline. If you have a Pressure Vacuum Breaker(PVB) backflow assembly it extremely important to have it winterized properly to guard against freezing as a PVB is installed above ground. We do our best to diagnose leaky shut off valves on these assemblies to help avoid the potential for freeze damage. Each year we do weeks of costly repairs to PVBs that have not been winterized properly.


The tune-up includes inspection of your property to look for wet or dry areas that can signify coverage problems and turning on each zone to make sure all sprinklers are operating correctly and aimed in the right direction. This is billed at $120.00 per hour plus any parts used.

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Like every other part of the landscape low voltage lighting need regular maintenance to stay in proper working order. Low voltage landscape lighting systems need to be repaired as they start to fail weather it’s a burned out bulbs, a worn out photo cell, or a bad wire connection. Once a system has been ignored for too long, it becomes harder to troubleshoot and repair. We can diagnose premature bulb burnout, overloaded wiring, and possible retrofits to LED lighting to solve voltage problems.

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