Backflow Services

Backflow prevention is a very important part of an irrigation system. A backflow preventer is a valve that keeps the water in your irrigation system from getting back into your drinking water. Oregon law dictates that all irrigation systems have a code conforming backflow assembly and that it be maintained and tested tested annually at the owners expense.

Green Leaf has state certified backflow testers on staff and we can test and repair your assembly, when possible, and replace assemblies as needed. Once tested, we will send the backflow report to your water district.

Green Leaf will test and make repairs of assemblies that are located in a confined space, large vaults, mechanical rooms. We will test and repair assemblies for restaurants, medical facilities, factories, theaters, churches, industrial centers, any business. We can test all assemblies; RP (reduced pressure assembly), double check, and PVB (pressure vacuum breaker), for; fire suppression systems, soda machines, irrigation systems, and ice machines.


Backflow test for any assembly not in a confined space is $60.00. 

Any repairs will be billed at $120.00 per hour plus any parts used.

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