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Green Leaf Irrigation & Landscaping are Irrigation Association certified contractors and can offer you a variety of water savings options for your irrigation and sprinkler systems.  If you’re located in the Portland, Oregon metro area, let Green Leaf do an audit of your irrigation and sprinkler system. We can give you the options that will give you the greatest return on your investment.  Green Leaf has an Irrigation Association Certified Auditor on staff, so we can give you the hard data on the strengths and weaknesses of your system.
Pressure regulation: a key factor in water savings and can be achieved in several ways. We can tell you where you would benefit most by regulating the pressure of your irrigation system at the water source, at the individual zone, or the individual sprinkler head.
Drip irrigation can be an excellent way to save water with your sprinkler system. Green Leaf can retro fit your existing shrub and garden zones with drip irrigation options that will fit your needs.

Green Leaf Irrigation & Landscaping can also help you save water and still have a beautiful green lawn. Old spray nozzles can be changed to MP Rotator nozzles, the newest in nozzle technology. MP Rotators use one third of the water of conventional spray nozzles and in most instances can be installed in the sprinkler heads you already have in the ground.

web based smart controller
Web-based Smart Controllers

Where everyone has a controller for their irrigation system, a web-based Smart Controller can cut down your water usage by as much as 30%. These controllers adjust themselves by monitoring weather data from the web so all you have to do is set the controller once at the start of the watering season and not worry about it until you want to stop irrigating for the season.

Rainwater harvesting is an excellent way for us to help you conserve water. We get plenty of rain here in Portland, Oregon so why not save some for a dry day? We are members of the American Rainwater Catchment Systems Association and can design and build a rainwater system for you. These systems can be set up to be as simple as a tank on a stand to run a hose or a watering can or be as complex as burying a tank in the ground and running an irrigation system with the use of a pump to water your garden or shrubs.

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